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Working in the Netherlands

Looking to work in a country of opportunities like the Netherlands? Here is your chance! In a country as developed and progressive as the Netherlands, where equal opportunities are offered, you can finally start and live the comfortable life you wish.

Flexcraft is a specialized recruitment company that has been serving many Central and Eastern Europeans for years, helping them transition and find temporary jobs in the Netherlands. It's a partnership and assistance that not only helps you find and relocate but also guarantees you a job that is most suited to you. With a selective screening process, we take into account your wishes and needs to match you with the best company. We provide accommodation and transport, so the only worry you will have is showing up.

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Working in All Kinds of Jobs

We operate for clients in all possible sectors - we offer both logistical and production opportunities.

Personal Help

Flexcraft has lots of professionals who can help you with your job. You'll have one person you can always talk to and ask questions. They'll always be there to help you!

Competitive hourly rate

Payment is done every week. Many of our workplaces not only have high pay but also reward systems!

Social Media

Do you want to know about the newest updates about working in the Netherlands? Follow us on Facebook to see the latest job offers!

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Acommodation & Transport

We are prepared to remove all the headaches associated with moving and relocating to a different country, so you don't have to worry about transport or a place to stay. Flexcraft will help you handle all formalities related to the trip and, along with a transportation company, will help you get from your country to the Netherlands.

You will have access to a coach who is always available to address your needs. Flexcraft supports you and your work by:

  • Arranging transport from your country to the Netherlands
  • Locating a job and accommodation close to your workplace
  • Providing daily transportation to get to your work
  • Providing access to bicycles and possibly cars

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Working Sectors

Come to the Netherlands and work in sectors like:

  • Meat and meat products
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Warehouse/logistics
  • Packing and repacking production
  • Food industry
  • Waste processing & recycling
  • Greenhouse horticulture
  • Fruit growing
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What do I need to work in the Netherlands?
  • Original document of assigning a BSN number (in the absence of a BSN document, we help in obtaining a new number or in obtaining a duplicate).
  • Account number to transfer your salary. We do not send money to third-party accounts, and we do not pay our employees in cash.
  • A valid, undamaged identity document (identity card or passport)
  • Driver's license, if you are a driver
  • A working mobile phone with an active phone number (we will contact you by phone)
  • A certain amount of money for the first weeks of your stay in the Netherlands
  • Email address where we will send you the work schedule and other information (must be your own email address, not your friend's).

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